Trip Expense Calculator for the BlackBerry 10

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Trip Expense Calculator is an expense sharing calculator for your BlackBerry 10 smart phone that is designed for club trip and event organizers. Create a trip or event, add participants, and then add expenses incurred by the participants. Generate a report to show the total expenses related to the trip, the per person cost, and a break-down of what each participant owes or is owed. The report can be emailed to one or more persons.

Trips, participants and expenses are stored in a database for future retrieval and editing and report generation.

When running Trip Expense Calculator for the first time you should go to the settings screen and identify yourself and your club or organization. Choose Setup from the Application Menu (swipe down from the top).

From the opening My Trips screen, swipe down from the top bezel and choose 'Settings'.

Club Name: Enter any value here that identifies the group or club for which you will be tracking shared expenses. The value entered in this field is displayed in the final report.

Club Website: The website provided here is launched in your device's browser when you select 'Open Website' from the My Trips action menu. For example, you might find it convenient to quickly launch your club's login page. Enter any qualified website URL that includes 'http://' or 'https://'.

Email Address: The email address that you provide in this field is used as the default 'To:' address when you choose the option to email your expense report. The email is used as a default and can be removed or additional email addresses added in the email composer before the report email is sent.

Currency Prefix: By default, Trip Expense Calculator prefixes entered and calculated expense amounts with a dollar sign ($). Enter a different currency symbol here to customize to your local currency or leave this field blank if you don't want any currency prefixed to displayed amounts.

Expense Descriptions: Expense descriptions are simply predefined descriptions of commonly incurred expenses for the type of trips or events you organize or participate in. The descriptions are displayed in a 'Quick Pick' dropdown list while associating an expense with a participant. You can add new descriptions or delete existing descriptions by choosing 'Expense Descriptions' from the Settings screen's action menu.

Purge People Cache: Every time a new participant is added to a trip, the person is also added to a person cache so that the same person can quickly be associated with subsequent trips without having to re-type the person's name. To delete names of people who are no longer associated with any trip from the person cache, choose 'Purge People Cache' from the Settings screen's action menu. If a person is listed as a participant in an existing trip, their name will not be removed from the cache.

Using Trip Expense Calculator...
In general, using Trip Expense Calculator involves (1) creating a trip, (2) adding participants to the trip, (3) adding expenses incurred by participants, and then (4) generating a report. Each trip consists of a primary expense pool and two additional expense pools. For each participant you add to a trip, you can specify what expense pool or pools the person belongs to.

(1) Create a trip/event.

From the main screen, choose 'Add New Trip' from the action menu. Enter a short name, short description and a date to help you identify the trip or event. Optionally, provide a description for one or both secondary expense pools. To use an optional secondary expense pool it must have a non-blank description. Press the 'Save' action to save and return to the My Trips list. Trips are displayed with the most recent at the top of the list.

(2) Add participants.

Tap a trip in the My Trips list. You are now in the trip details screen. In this screen is displayed the list of participants for the selected trip. Each line displays the participant's name, and the sum of all their expenses related to the trip.

Select 'New Participant' on the action bar to add a new participant. Enter the person's name or choose an existing name from the Quick Pick list and select which expense pool the participant will belong to. The Quick Pick consists of names of people previously added to other trips. The cache of names, the 'People Cache', can be purged of no longer used names from the Settings screen. In the same way, add all participants that will be sharing the expenses for this particular trip or event. Even participants that have not or will not incur any trip-related expense should be added to ensure proper sharing calculations.

To remove a participant from the trip, tap the participant's name in the participant list to go to the participant's expense details screen. Choose 'Delete This Participant' from the action menu. The person will no longer be associated with the trip and all expenses previously assigned to the person will also be deleted. However, the person remains in the database in case the same person is associated with another trip and so that they can be quickly selected for a future trip you create.

(3) Add expenses.

From the trip details screen, tap any participant in the list to view a list of expenses for that person. Initially, there will be no expenses for a new participant. Tap the 'Add Expense' action on the action bar. Enter a numeric amount that can include a decimal and up to two decimal places (ex. 3.4, 23.99, 32). Type a short description or select a predefined description from the 'Quick Pick' dropdown. Predefined descriptions can be removed or added from the settings screen. If a description for one or both optional expense pools was provided when the trip was created, you will also need to select which expense pool to assign the expense to. Tap the 'Save' action to assign the expense to the person. You can delete an expense by taping the expense in the list to highlight it and then choosing 'Delete Expense' from the Action Menu. Tap the 'Details' button in the title bar to return to the trip's participant list.

(4) Generate expense sharing report.

An expense report displays the total expenses for a trip, the average expense per participant, and provides the break-down of what each participant owes, or is owed.

To generate a report, while viewing the participant list for a trip or event, tap the 'Report' action item to generate an expense report.

You can select to email the results displayed in the report by tapping the 'Email' action item. The default recipient of the email is the email address you specified in the Settings screen. The BlackBerry email composer will allow you to add additional recipients, change the subject, and change the email body before you send it.